A business that works for Crail

We want to build something Crail can be proud of and have a business that provides great food and great employment opportunities to the community all year round.

Once the major building work is complete, we’ll begin sourcing local suppliers who can provide us with top quality ingredients and drinks that showcase the amazing produce that the East Neuk, Fife and Scotland has to offer.

When we know for sure that the risk of going back into lockdown is low, we’ll also be posting our first recruitment adverts, on this site and elsewhere, initially for a general manager and a head chef. We’re expecting both to take a leading role in shaping what we want The Shoregate to be and, over time, to build up a substantial share in the business.

We’ll of course also need the team to work in the restaurant, bar and kitchen. We want to provide flexible, well-paid job opportunities and ultimately a ‘John Lewis’ style model where long-term staff members receive business-related bonuses and a stake in our success.

We intend to pay at least living wage (not just minimum wage), and will be actively recruiting people who want to get back into work, even if it’s for just a few sessions a week; for example people with kids at school who want to do a couple of lunchtime shifts, and older or semi-retired people who would like to commit to just a small number of regular evening shifts.

Everyone will get training and, depending on role, an allowance to take and qualify for the SCPLH Personal Licence (SCQF Level 6).