New life for the old East Neuk Hotel

We shall be making some changes to ensure the building is accessible to everyone and to better reflect its heritage and its place in the Crail conservation area.

It’s one of the first businesses you see driving in to the centre of Crail from the west, and we want it to give a suitably clean and smart impression.

The building last had major work done around 25 years ago and is now in need of some significant repairs.  Its been patched up since then and even where this has been done well, there comes a point where you can’t patch previously patched patches any more.

There’s extensive damp in the back bar and cellar, rotten floorboards in the front and side, the heating system has been leaking everywhere and some of the electrics are… interesting. All the external woodwork and windows also need to be completely renovated.

We want to get it back to a state where it will last the next 25 years, be as energy efficient as a listed C19th building in a conservation area can be, and meet current fire and building code rules. We have consulted with Crail Community Partnership members and our local conservation officer, all of whom have given us invaluable advice and helped guide us to our plans today.

The investment will be considerable and requires us to take a 10 year view on how we’ll need to run the business sustainably all year round. The alternative would be just to let the building slide past the point of no return, or for previous owners to sell to developers who can make a much quicker profit from turning it into apartments.

We’ll be working on getting the restaurant and bar opened first, and then launching the four new, spacious bedrooms on the first and top floors in time for spring/summer 2022.

You can see all our plans here.