Our plans

We’ve now had all our various permissions granted. We want to share our plans with everyone in Crail as we’re quite excited by what our architects – Muir Walker Pride in St Andrews – have been working on.

We were lucky to also have guidance from Dennis Gowan from the community council, and from Matthew Price, our local Conversation Officer, who helped us understand some of the occasionally counter-intuitive aspects of the conservation plan.

All links below are to PDFs

Design Statement

Our design statement goes into why we want to make the changes:

Design Statement

Ground floor and elevations

The ground floor plan shows how we want to increase the size of the kitchen and provide disabled access and a proper accessible toilet, whilst keeping a good fire escape route for the guest rooms upstairs:

Ground Floor & Elevations Planning Drawing

(The window colours don’t come out too well – on some screens it looks almost blue/purple. They won’t be!)

First and Second floors

Here we show how we want to combine some rooms on the first floor and open out the top floor to provide 3 generously sized double bedrooms and a suite.

First and Second Floor Planning Drawing


If you’d like more info please feel free to email us with your phone number and we’d be happy to explain what we’re up to and why we’ve made the decisions we have.